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8:45 AM – 9:00 AM Welcome

9:00 AM – 9:50 AM Keynote Address

Vala Afshar

Electricity & Flow

Vala Afshar, Chief Digital Evangelist, Salesforce


As the world is rapidly moving toward a post-digital era - where cloud, mobile, social, and analytics are table-stakes -- business leaders will need to set their sights beyond digital transformations. 84% of consumers and business buyers say that customer experience is as important as your company’s products. In a post digital, customer experience-led economy, organizations will need to leverage new and emerging technologies to differentiate. Greater adoption of artificial intelligence, aimed at reducing process friction, and development of an autonomous enterprise, where differentiation is based on a new set of currencies that matter most in a hyper connected and knowledge sharing economy - trust, speed, scale, and personalization. AI is electricity and customer experience requires flow design thinking principles.

Vala Afshar, Chief Digital Evangelist, Salesforce

Vala Afshar is Chief Digital Evangelist at Salesforce. His prior role was Chief Marketing Officer at Extreme Networks, and previously Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Customer Officer of Enterasys Networks, responsible for global marketing and customer service and support.

With over 415,000 Twitter followers, Afshar has been recognized in Forbes as the top influential digital business leader for CIOs and CMOs three years in a row. Afshar is the author of "The Pursuit of Social Business Excellence" and contributes weekly technology, business and leadership articles to ZDNET, Huffington Post, INC Magazine, and other publications.

Vala also hosts a weekly video show called DisrupTV with the top business executives in the world covering the topics of digital business transformation - digital marketing, information technology, and the changing role of CIOs, CMOs and CDOs. He is a 2017 US patent recipient for a social Internet of Things communication platform.

10:00 AM – 10:50 AM General Session

Harry J.Gold

Optimizing the Whole Customer Journey

Harry J. Gold, Founder & CEO, Overdrive Interactive


Join Harry Gold, CEO of Overdrive Interactive, for an info packed session where you will learn how to lift the performance of all the digital components powering your customer journey. Harry will break down the essential ingredients that takes a prospect from impression to sale and what tactics you can employ to improve campaign performance and sales velocity. His talk shows real examples from search, social and display programs that drive consumers into your sales funnel nurture programs and how those multiple steps can be improved in tandem for great ROI.

Harry J. Gold, Founder & CEO, Overdrive Interactive

Harry is the founder and CEO of Overdrive Interactive, a Boston based digital marketing firm that helps enterprise level clients rapidly launch and optimize their digital channels with unrivaled media and marketing operation services. Harry literally eats, sleeps and breaths digital marketing, is a frequent columnists and lecturer on the topic and was awarded the New England Director Marketer of the Year in 2016. Under his watch his agency has served clients that include Dell, Experian, GE Healthcare, AIG, Harley-Davidson, Samsonite, Akamai, Spectrum, Bright Horizons, Staples, John Hancock and other ROI driven organizations.

10:50 AM – 11:15 AM Refreshment Break with the Exhibitors

11:15 AM – 12:00 PM General Session

Sarah Montague Ted McNulty Bruce McMeekin Ian Cross

Marketing Surveillance – Who’s Watching Who and How It’s Done

Ian Cross (Panel Moderator), Professor; Director of Center for Marketing Technology, Bentley University

Bruce McMeekin, CEO and Founder, BKM Marketing

Ted McNulty, Director of Performance Advertising Sales, AdDaptive Intelligence

Sarah Montague, Principal Advisor, Forrester CMO Leadership Group


This panel session looks at the topic of how we gather knowledge about customers, how we use it to gain customer insight, future trends and if we should be concerned as marketers and citizens.

Ian Cross

Ian Cross, Professor; Director of Center for Marketing Technology, Bentley University

Ian Cross is a marketing professor at Bentley University and director of the Center for Marketing Technology. Alongside his teaching career, Ian has worked in sales and marketing positions for over 30 years at companies including IBM, Wang, Kodak, CGI, and Thomson Reuters.

Bruce McMeekin

Bruce McMeekin, CEO and Founder, BKM Marketing

As the founder of BKM Marketing Associates, Bruce McMeekin's roots in client-side marketing transcends into a unique understanding of our clients' passion for generating results. At the same time, he strongly believes that the agency and consulting side is first and foremost a service business based on achieving and surpassing client expectations. These values — results and service — form the core of every client relationship.

Ted McNulty

Ted McNulty, Director of Performance Advertising Sales, AdDaptive Intelligence

Ted McNulty is VP of Sales for AdDaptive Intelligence, a company specializing in helping direct marketers easily add a digital component to their direct mail and email campaigns to increase response rates and drive measurable results. Ted started his direct marketing career at Dun & Bradstreet, and later applied this experience to build successful direct response sales teams at leading Online and Mobile companies, including Lycos, NameMedia and Millennial Media. While at Lycos, Ted managed a 23-person direct response team which generated over $15 million in digital revenue, he grew a revenue stream from zero to $10 million while at NameMedia and built a team at Jumptap responsible for over $65 million in annual revenue by creating effective Mobile direct response campaigns for leading brands including Allstate, Target and TurboTax.

Sarah Montague

Sarah Montague, Principal Advisor, Forrester CMO Leadership Group

Sarah Montague has a 20 + year background as a marketing practitioner within a myriad of industries. She supports marketing leaders as they make critical decisions in the areas of managing a global brand and aligning brand and Customer Experience, and helps clients evolve their leadership role, develop stronger organizational cultures and create a shared understanding of the customer.

Prior to joining Forrester, Sarah spent four years as VP of Consumer Marketing at Bright Horizons where she collaborated with the education and operations team to reposition the consumer brand, including creating distinction within the curriculum (service/product). Sarah has also held marketing leadership roles at WGBH, LoJack, and Yankee Magazine and directed a variety of integrated advertising and communications programs for CPG, Financial Service, Athletic Footwear and Technology clients at Arnold Worldwide.


Nancy Harhut

World’s Best Persuasion Tactics – From A to Z

Nancy Harhut, Chief Creative Officer, HBT Marketing


Whether you want someone to open your email, click on your ad, consume your content or contact your company, words matter. Why? Because in-market tests and scientific studies both confirm that certain words wield more power. And how you word something determines how people respond to it.

Gain a lexicon of persuasive words and copy constructs that you can use tomorrow to increase engagement and response. Discover what word removes risk, which one word gets people nodding yes immediately, the best way to talk about prices, the two times jargon can be useful, the surprisingly powerful effect of an unexpected phrase, and so much more.

This fast-paced, entertaining, example-jammed presentation reveals 26 tactics (yes, one for each letter of the alphabet!) that will make you an instant master of persuasion. Backed by research from both here and abroad, these tactics are proven, powerful, and easy to apply. Which means you’ll leave this presentation ready and able to increase the effectiveness of your marcom campaigns.

Nancy Harhut, Chief Creative Officer, HBT Marketing

Nancy Harhut is passionate about the impact of behavioral science on marketing. An Online Marketing Institute Top 40 Digital Strategist, Social Top 50 email marketing leader, and the winner of numerous International ECHO awards for marketing effectiveness, she has creative directed integrated campaigns for clients such as AT&T, IBM, GM Card, Dell, Nationwide, Bank of America, Sheraton, UnitedHealthcare, American Express, and more.

The Chief Creative Officer of HBT Marketing, Nancy is known for her interesting and actionable insights that focus on applying behavioral science to marketing. A sought-after, top-ranked speaker, she’s wowed audiences in Australia, Moscow, Stockholm, Sao Paulo and all over the US — including attendees at SXSW. Follow her on twitter at @nharhut for topical insights. A highly acclaimed speaker at NEDMA conferences and Summits, Nancy is a Past President of NEDMA and a NEDMA Director Marketer of the Year.


1:45 PM – 2:30 PM General Session

John J. Wall

5 Applications of Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning for Marketing Campaigns

John J. Wall, Partner and Head of Business Development, Trust Insights


Learn how artificial intelligence and machine learning can improve your content marketing, search engine optimization, customer service, product marketing, advertising and attribution.

John J. Wall, Partner and Head of Business Development, Trust Insights

John J. Wall speaks, writes and practices at the intersection of marketing, sales, and technology. As Partner and Head of Business Development, he is responsible for managing all aspects of sales and customer success. He is the producer of Marketing Over Coffee, a weekly audio program that discusses marketing and technology with his co-host Christopher S. Penn, and has been featured on iTunes. Notable guests include Chris Brogan, David Meerman Scott, Simon Sinek and Seth Godin. His work has been profiled by Forbes, CBS Evening News, The Associated Press, NECN, The Boston Globe, Boston Herald, DM News, and the Yahoo! Year in Review. John was previously the Vice President of Marketing at EventHero. He has held positions specializing in Customer Relationship Management, Marketing Automation and sales support systems at both venture funded and privately held businesses, working with clients such as Microsoft, Oracle, and

2:40 PM – 3:30 PM General Session

Michael Peach Lewis Gersh Dennis Kelly Anita Brearton Ray-Van-Iterson

The Rise of DMTech

Ray Van Iterson (Panel Moderator), Marketing Strategy and Innovation, United States Postal Services

Anita Brearton, CEO, CabinetM

Dennis Kelly, CEO, Postalytics

Lewis Gersh, Chief Stamp Licker, Pebble Post

Michael Peach, Head of Product Marketing, Lob


In the past decade a technology explosion has revolutionized digital marketing and advertising with over 7000 martech and adtech applications now available. These tools make it easier to create, target, coordinate and track the success of campaigns. Over the past few years, Direct Mail Technology (DMTech) has brought these same benefits to direct mailers of all sizes. This panel of leading DMTech companies will give you an overview of what your competitors are doing today and what you could be doing tomorrow.


Ray Van Iterson (Panel Moderator), Marketing Strategy and Innovation, United States Postal Services

Ray Van Iterson is responsible for coordinating the Postal Service’s identification and development of longer term product development opportunities. This includes the review of industry and technology trends, and the development of services to meet emerging customer needs.

At the Postal Service, Ray has worked in Finance, Strategic Planning, and Marketing. Prior to joining the Postal Service, Ray was a strategy consultant with the Boston Consulting Group and Dean & Company, Director of Research Services at the Syndicated Research Group, and Vice President of Strategy at Brainbench.

Ray has an AB in Economics from Harvard University, and an MBA from the Richard Ivey School of Business.

Anita Brearton

Anita Brearton, CEO, CabinetMg

Dennis Kelly

Dennis Kelly, CEO, Postalytics

Dennis Kelly is the CEO of Postalytics, the leader in the fast growing martech field of direct mail automation. Postalytics helps marketers leverage their investments in CRM and Marketing Automation by enabling automated direct mail marketing campaigns to sent, measured and integrated in a fraction of the time of traditional direct mail. Dennis is a serial entrepreneur who has been involved in starting growing and financing 6 startups over the last 25 years.

Lewis Gersh

Lewis Gersh, Chief Stamp Licker, Pebble Post

Michael Peach

Michael Peach, Head of Product Marketing, Lob

3:40 PM – 4:30 PM General Session

Jeff Selig

SEO Trends for 2020: How to Get on Top of Google Search

Jeff Selig, VP Search, Social, & Analytics, Overdrive Interactive


This session will cover the 5 SEO tactics you need to know and how can they help your website's Google visibility and findability. Discover the SEO components and tactics that should be part of your 2020 search strategy for this coming year. Finally, learn the most effective SEO tips to promote your website and enhance your customers’ user experience.

Jeff Selig, VP Search, Social, & Analytics, Overdrive Interactive

Jeff oversees enterprise SEO, Social Media Marketing, and Google Analytics management programs for Overdrive clients, including Dell, Akamai, AIG, Staples, and other ROI-driven organizations. When he is not applying tried and tested digital marketing programs to Overdrive clients, Jeff is exploring the ever-expanding world of AI to create personalized and relevant customer experiences that drive success and push the envelope on what is possible.


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